Review Policy

Thank you for reading my review policy. I really appreciate you taking the time to find out about my policies and my reading preferences.

Please note that I accept books for coverage consideration only. I do not guarantee a review. Coverage consideration is for my blog, my social media channels, and any other online or print publication I choose to submit my work.

I usually read anywhere from 5-10 books per month. I generally try to review every book I read. I do NOT guarantee a positive review.

I am in the process of catching up and rating all the books I have read (and for future books) on Goodreads, as well as other social media platforms.

If you wish to guarantee a particular type of review or for a specific time, you may want to consider hiring me to write a sponsored book review or article.

I do not respond to each individual request to review. If I do not respond to your review request it is probably because I am not interested in reading the book.

I prefer print copies of books, but I will occasionally review e-books.

Genres I really like include mystery, thrillers, espionage, crime, historical fiction, dystopian, children’s and YA and retellings of classics and fairy tales. There are very few that I do not like except that I do not read horror, erotica or LGBT. I listen to a lot of audiobooks and often switch between the print copy and the audio.

I do not read a book from series out of order. If you ask me to read a book in a series, I ask that you provide copies of any preceding books. Since reading a series takes a good bit of time, the first book must really get me on the hook in order for me to continue.

I am open to receiving unsolicited books that meet my review requirements. I don’t promise to read or review unsolicited books, but I will do my best to include on social media.