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The BFG. A Propensity to Discuss movie review.

The BFG (Movie Review)

A few days ago I plundered through Netflix looking for something to watch that wasn’t going to cause my body to tense up like it had while watching Dunkirk. (That proved a bit of a problem for my syringomyelia.)  I came across The BFG (2016) based on the book by Roald Dahl.

Being a fan of Dahl, and never one to shy away from movies made for kids, I decided it would be a great way to relax and spend a couple of hours. Then I realized it was a Stephen Spielberg movie and I knew I had made a great choice!

Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) lives in an orphanage and suffers from insomnia, so she reads in bed. She also wanders around during “the witching hour” of 3 a.m. and one quiet night she looks out the window and sees a giant. The Giant (Mark Rylance) scoops her up and takes her to Giant Country. When she finally calms down enough to question him about it, he replies “Because I hears your lonely heart, in all the secret whisperings of the world.”

The BFG. A Propensity to Discuss movie review.

Eventually, Sophie comes to refer to the Giant as The BFG, or Big Friendly Giant, as he protects her from the other mean, children eating giants that live around him. The BFG is also picked on and bullied by the others. Sophie realizes that something must be done to stop them, so she comes up with a plan to enlist the Queen (Penelope Wilson) to rid the world of the bad giants, but not to harm The BFG.

This movie had me literally laughing out loud, sighing, a little anxious, and at times a little tearful. A children’s movie! CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) was used to make the Giant and add a little bit of a cartoonish air, but leave in everything about the characters to make them real. It is truly a magical experience of the best kind.

The BFG. A Propensity to Discuss movie review.

Add to that the wonderful words of The BFG, like phizz-whizzing, snozzcumbers and one of my favorites: “I cannot be right all the time. Quite often I is left instead of right.” Not to mention, Sophie’s no-nonsense way of trying to logically work everything through and you get a very unlikely pair working together in a heartwarming way to solve a problem. 

So whether you are 5, 30, or 60, or any age in-between, you really need to see this movie! It is wonderful, and I promise you will like it.

A couple of interesting tidbits:

The Giant played is by Mark Rylance who also plays Mr. Dawson in Dunkirk. And, the Queen is played by Penelope Wilton who was Downton Abby’s Isobel Crawley.

5 Stars. A Propensity to Discuss Review.


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 Mother, Can You Not? by Kate Siegel

If you have ever wondered what to get your mom for Mother’s Day, wonder no more. Mother, Can You Not? may be the gift that keeps on giving. Are you wondering what on earth am I talking about? Let me explain…

Mother's Day may never be the same. A Propensity to Discuss Review. Mother can you NOT?

Instagram: @jodi_licious

Kate Siegel has one truly Crazy Jewish Mom. If you don’t believe me, follow her on Instagram. Read this article. Or this one. According to Kate, she started to realize that her texts from her mom may be seen as really funny (odd, strange, weird) to others and started an Instagram account, which she called, aptly enough, Crazy Jewish Mom.

She had around 10,000 followers until the “This Instagram Account Is Literally Your MotherBuzzfeed article hit the internet. She went from 10,000 to over 300,000 followers.

The texts from her mother, Kim Friedman, to Kate are beyond excruciatingly painful. Oh. My. Goodness! This woman has NO filter! Kim Friedman, AKA Crazy Jewish Mom, is seriously concerned with the fact that she has no grandchildren grand-spawn.

Kim Friedman is more than just a mom, she’s an Emmy-nominated Hollywood hotshot director and producer. Star-Trek and L.A. Law ring any bells?

Anyway, the messages from Kim to Kate, which Kate screenshots and uploads to her account, have more than anyone’s fair share of concern over Kate’s ovaries, eggs, and uterus. Seriously! Practically hourly she worries about these things. And I find myself shaking my head and laughing at every one of them!

Mother's Day may never be the same. A Propensity to Discuss Review. Mother can you NOT?

Kate then wrote somewhat of a tell-all book, Mother can you NOT? which delves deeper into Kate’s life with Kim. Trust me, it took years for Kim to perfect her crazy! I cannot figure out how this woman never got arrested. Or maimed. Or killed. With her very long-suffering husband and Kate dragged along for her unbelievably ridiculous antics. Seriously.

This book will keep you laughing. It will make you see that you are not the only person in the world with a hover mother. Actually, Kim calls herself a drone mom. And after you use this hilarious book, you will certainly understand why.

In all honesty, though, Kim really does love Kate, as only a mother can. (But she might love her more if there were grand-spawn.) And she truly has Kate’s best interests at heart. After you read the book, you may want more proof, so you may want to read this interview.

I highly recommend this book!

4 Stars. A Propensity to Discuss Review.



Amazon Affiliate Disclosure. A Propensity to Discuss Review.

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure. A Propensity to Discuss Review.

Blogging for Books Disclosure. A Propensity to Discuss Review.

Blogging for Books Disclosure. A Propensity to Discuss Review.