10 Facts About Me

I started thinking about my “About Me” page the other day and thought that it might be sort of interesting to come up with some facts about myself to share. Some of these I have written about before, some of them are new information.

My hope for this post is that some of you may find out something about me that you find interesting, or that you can connect with or relate to, and that you’ll let me know.

1. I love getting to know new people.

Hence the reason I want to connect with people through this post. I am very curious about other people. (Some may call that nosy. I prefer curious!) I can get really caught up in the stories of other people’s lives, where they live, what they do, what they like/hate/love. I want to know what people read. Then there is the “Six degrees of separation” aspect. I can get really caught up in making connections that way!

10 Facts About Me. A Propensity to Discuss Post.

2. I talk to pretty much everyone.

In line at the grocery store. At the DMV. In Wal-Mart. It is just something I do. I just start with some connection (That is such a beautiful shirt….I have never tried that coffee before, is it really strong?…I love that book….) Most of the time a conversation starts. Let’s face it. People really enjoy making a connection with other people. I believe it is our nature to want to talk to people. Don’t you want to talk to people? Be honest…

3. I used to be extremely shy.

No. Really. I was. I wouldn’t look at people when if I talked to them. This was my life through the 9th grade. That was when my parents (I cannot thank them enough!) signed me up for speech classes with an amazing lady, Mrs. Margaret Lackland. She whipped me into shape, sent me on a stage and made me talk to an entire audience. I happened to like it and that shy girl went to hunker in the shadows and a confident me took her place. If you have a shy child, this is a really good blog post.

4. I am a national speech contest winner.

Mrs. Lackland didn’t stop at just small audiences. Nope. Sons of the American Revolution Oratorical Contest. Local competition…won. State competition…won. National competition…1st Runner Up. Quite the amazing feat for someone who 18 months before was speaking for the first time to an audience of about 30 and nearly passing out before I began.

5. I love to read.

I love to read. I LOVE to read. I read everything from cereal boxes to novels and everything in between. I can get completely lost in a book and tune out everything around me. Just ask my family. They often yell my name to pull me from a reading trance. More about my reading habits can be found here. You can also find my book reviews here. 

10 Facts About Me. A Propensity to Discuss Post.

6. I always have a book with me.

No matter where I am, I have a book with me. If you read my post My reading habits as seen through memes, you have already seen this. But it really is true. My cousins were laughing last week about the time we went to a NASCAR race in Talladega and I took a book to read. The answer to your question is a resounding “Yes. I did read during the race.” I read when I am waiting in line if there is no one to talk to…which sometimes leads to a conversation with others. For me it is the best way to pass time. And I have gotten good at being sneaky. I can read from my phone with very few people knowing it. 🙂 I read when I am riding in the car. I even “read” when I am driving. Which brings me to fact #7….

7. I listen to audio books.

If I am in a car by myself, you could pretty much bet serious money that I am listening to a book. It helps to pass the time and allows me to continue with the book I am currently reading. But the biggest, best part? It helps cut down on my anger at the crazy people driving around me. I even have an iPod for nothing by my audiobooks.

Hubby also listens to audio books if we are on a long trip together and when he is hunting. I know people think this isn’t really “reading,” but it is. You have to pay closer attention and I honestly retain more from listening than reading for myself.

8. I LOVE Gilmore Girls.

Lorelai  and Rory Gilmore are two of my favorite people. They are like familiar, comfortable friends that I can go back to every now and then and reminisce about the good old days. My daughter and I used to record it and we watched it every afternoon after school for 3 years. No kidding. The fast talking, the relationships, the sarcasm, the tone and all the quirky people who live there. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!

If you are also a fan (read fanatic), you need to watch The Gilmore Girls Full ATX Reunion. If not, watch it now as soon as you are through reading this post!

9. I love photography.

I love to take pictures. Of everything. People. Scenery. Buildings. And I recently purchased some HO Scale (model train) workers to make what I call Teeny Tiny Photos. I love these! I have only made a few, but boy are they fun to play around with!

10. I have syringomyelia.

Sometimes I think that I don’t have syringomyelia, it has me. That being said, I do my very best to stay positive and not let this get the best of me. I have good days and I have bad days. On good days, my pain levels are around a 5 or a 6 out of a 10 scale. Bad days are 7-8.  Really bad days I am in the bed moving as little as possible.

I do NOT want pity. I do NOT want anyone to feel sorry for me. I just want people to understand that sometimes my body cooperates and allows me to go and do like anyone else, but some days my body just won’t. And that is not a reflection on the person asking me to do something, it is just the way my body works. Or doesn’t work.

I hope you have enjoyed these tidbits about myself. Do we have a connection? Is there something here that you feel strongly about? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you.





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