Run For Your Life by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Run for your life. A Propensity to Discuss review.

Run for your life. A Propensity to Discuss review.

Detective Michael Bennett made his first appearance in James Patterson‘s (with Michael Ledwidge) novel Step on a Crack.

In Run for your life, Michael Bennett is back with a vengeance.

At home his kids are sick. All 10 of them have succumbed to a nasty virus and chaos ensues. Except when nanny Catherine is there to keep them all in line. Including the detective.

Mike’s grandfather, the Monsignor Seamus Bennett is brought in to help with the ailing brood. He does so grudgingly. He is, as usual, angry with Mike. This time because Mike won’t spare a battalion of New York’s finest to help catch the thief who is stealing from the Church’s poor box.

In the midst of this epidemic (that’s what it is when a house has 10 kids and all of them are sick) a madman who calls himself “The Teacher” is terrorizing New York with his “lessons.”

Working from a list of names, he is killing people to put them out of their miserable existences that make them believe they are better than others. Snobs, basically.

Before Mike can stop him, he has to figure out who The Teacher is. And he has to do this before more victims are “taught a lesson.”

Run for your life brings Michael Bennett into the forefront as a caring man who is grieving the untimely death of his wife. A loving father worried that he is “in over his head” as a dad. And a detective that every police force needs on their squad.

As with all Patterson/Ledwidge novels, there is enough family to make it into your heart and enough mystery to make it into your head.

The audio version is read by Bobby Cannavale as the voice of Mike and the most of the rest of the cast, while Dallas Roberts portrays The Teacher in a hair-raising and chilling characterization.

Bobby Cannavale, you may remember as Vince from Will and Grace, or perhaps Blue Bloods’ Charles Rosselini.  Cannavale brings Mike to life in a way that makes you wish you knew him in person. Warm, funny, hurting, and caring.

Dallas Roberts, is the somewhat lovable Owen from The Good Wife. For me, this performance shows his ability as an actor, because it is very difficult to match this voice with Owen. Let’s just say that I may or may not now be afraid of Owen.

As usual, a completely satisfying listen and read.

**If you want to see what all 10 of Michael Bennett’s kids look like, go to Images of Michael Bennett’s kids





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