The Hand That Feeds You by A. J. Rich

Yes, I know. “Unputdownable” is not really a word. Until now.

I made it one. Because that is the best way for me to describe The hand that feeds you” by A.J. Rich, who is actually the writing duo of Jill Ciment and Amy Hempel. And a wonderful writing duo they are!

The hand that feeds you by A J Rich. A Propensity to Discuss review.

When Morgan Prager comes home to find her fiancé Bennett has been mauled to death by her three dogs she begins to question whether or not she is actually a victim.

Bennett is not who he claimed to be. When the police and then Morgan try to find his next of kin, it quickly becomes apparent that the life she lived with him was all a lie. He was a lie.

She begins to research to find if there are others in her shoes and she quickly finds three. When the other women begin to die of questionable circumstances Morgan has to either play the part of the victim or rise above her fear and go after whoever is out there. After her.

A phenomenal story told in such a way that leaves you guessing until the very end. There are several twists that you will not see coming.

This book is high on my list as one of my favorite psychological thrillers. If you are into twists and turns and edge-of-your-seat plot, this is a book for you. And for me, yes, it was “unputdownable!”







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