The Forgotten Girls by Sara Blaedel

“She closed her eyes for a second to get a grip and settle herself. Her demons were circling.” –  The Forgotten Girls

Sara Blaedel's The Forgotten Girls A propensity to discuss post.

Sara Blaedel’s The Forgotten Girls A propensity to discuss post.

Detective Louise Rick has a new job, a new partner, and a new case. The new unit is one for closing missing persons cases and any correlating murder.

Once the medical examiner determines that the girl found dead in the woods died from a fall, it should be relatively easy to identify her and close the case.

Even after she has to hunt down her new partner in a bar and literally wake him from a drunken stupor, it should be an easy case.

The girl has a tremendous scar on her face and shoulder. But no one claims her. No one recognizes her.

When they finally get an indisputable lead on who she is, they also find death certificates for her and her twin sister that were filed 30 years before.

The open-and-shut case suddenly takes on a much more sinister twist as the search intensifies to determine whether or not her twin is still alive, and, if so, where she is.

As if having all of this, and a partner she doesn’t believe she even likes, much less trusts, the search takes her back to the one place she has tried for twenty years to be rid of. The place that holds the memories of the lowest point in her life.

Add to an incredibly intense story the acting ability of Christine Lakin as the narrator of the audio version and you have a reading adventure that keeps you guessing until the very bitter end.

Christine Lakin (Step by Step’s Alicia in the 90’s) does an incredible job with not only the voices, but also acting out the dialog. This is NOT your typical audio narrator. She IS the cast of characters. All of them. There is no doubt in your mind about which character is speaking when you are listening.

My biggest regret about this book? That there are books that have come before this one in the series, but they are not published in English. Come on, guys! Get with the program. I need all of Louise Rick!

You see, Sara Blaedel is the “Queen of Crime” in Denmark. There are, from research I have done, 7 Louise Rick books, but only 4 have released in the US. I can only hope more will follow and that the preceding ones will find a translator soon!



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