The girl with all the gifts. A Propensity to Discuss Post

The Girl With All The Gifts by M. R. Carey

Had I known more about the story of this book, I am not sure I would have read it. I don’t really like this sort of thing.

Boy, oh, boy, would I have missed out! The girl with all the gifts by M. R. Carey is a phenomenal work of fiction. I loved this book. I want there to be another one like it.

I want to read another right now.

No one, except Miss Justineau talks to her or her fellow students No one touches them. No one loves them. Or even likes them.

Melanie is a very intelligent child with a curiosity that knows no bounds. She has some idea that she is different. But she has no idea just how different she truly is. She loves learning, books, and Miss Justineau. She has friends in her class. Having her legs, arms and neck strapped into a wheelchair  to make her short trek to her classroom is, to her and her classmates, completely normal.

What Melanie does not have is a mother or father. At least that she knows of. She does not have a real home. She lives in the basement on an army base in the middle of no where. Every weekday morning on Base Echo Melanie is taken from the only home she has ever known, a locked cell, to a classroom.

She thinks. She has feelings. She is alive. Or is she?

Ophiocordyceps unilateralis has invaded the bodies and taken over the minds of the majority of the population. There is no cure. Within hours of being infected, the fungus takes over the mind and the body is merely a shell of its former self. With one need: Protein. And one main source: Blood.

Melanie carries the fungus inside her. But for some reason, her brain has not been completely taken over. It is up to scientists to learn why this is so, and to hopefully find a cure, or at least a vaccination.

The children are the key to those findings.

I have never watched a zombie movie. I have never watched a zombie TV show. My nephew has tried to get me into the “Walking Dead” phenomena, but this may change my mind.

This is now one of my favorite books. Add to the terrifyingly beautiful story the voice of Finty Williams in the audiobook version and what you have, in my opinion,  is a true work of literary art.

I was very satisfied with the way the book ended, and extremely saddened by the fact that it did end. A wonderful work that I believe will stand the test of time.

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4 Stars. A Propensity to Discuss Review.

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