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The Other Woman by Hank Phillippi Ryan

So I spent the day in without power due to an ice storm. Not fun. Except for the fact that I had just yesterday downloaded a new book, The Other Woman by Hank Phillippi Ryan.

The audiobook version is read by one of my absolute favorite readers, Ilyana KadushinI have listened to several books read by her and I searched her name to find a new book to listen to, and that is how I found The Other Woman. That being said, this was a good book, filled with twists and turns and a few shocks here and there.

Owen Lassiter is running for Senate, his wife Moira thinks he is having an affair.

Moira contacts Jane Ryland, a former television anchor who is now working for a newspaper due to losing a million dollar defamation lawsuit. The lawsuit, based on Jane’s protection of a source that she would never give up, was the reason Moira trusted her to look into the scandal “off the record.”

What ensues is a cat and mouse game of scandal, threats, murder, and mayhem.

Add to that Detective Jake Brogan who is only a friend to Jane, no matter how much either of them would like the relationship to progress further. Brogan is investigating a series of murders in the area that all seem connected, although he is certain they are not.

What is connected, however, are the murders Brogan is investigating, and the stories that Jane is chasing.

Bring all of that together and you have a really good story of espionage, disloyalty, deceit subterfuge that is sure to delight thrill seeking mystery lovers of all ages.

I highly recommend this book, and as with all books read by Ilyana Kadushin, the audio version is masterful.

Book Details:

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4 Stars. A Propensity to Discuss Review.

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