The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

The girl on the train by Paula Hawkins is one of the best psychological thrillers I have read in a very long time.

The girl on the train A Propensity to Discuss Post

The girl on the train A Propensity to Discuss Post

The twists and turns leave you shocked right to the very end. And, trust me, you may think you have it figured out a few times during the story, but you don’t. You do not.

Rachel, an alcoholic, is divorced and lives with her somewhat sympathetic roommate, Cathy. Rachel rides the train into London each day to hide the fact that she lost her job in a drunken stupor.

In a cruel twist of fate, the train takes her right past number twenty-three Blenheim road where she lived for five years with her husband.

Tom is the long-suffering ex-husband of Rachel who tries his best to keep Rachel’s drunk antics from tearing apart his new marriage.

Anna is the mistress turned wife to Tom and the bane of Rachel’s existence. Of course, Rachel is the person Anna hates most in the world. She fears her, not just for herself, but also fears what Rachel might do to Evie, the daughter Anna has with Tom.

Jess/Meghan lives at number fifteen Blenheim Road. She is beautiful and lively and in Rachel’s mind, she is everything that Rachel misses about her old life.

Jason/Scott is Jess/Meghan’s husband. Handsome, loving, adoring. Rachel’s dream life would include a man who treats her the way he treats his wife.

Of course, Rachel doesn’t really know Jason and Jess, she has only passed their house every weekday on her way to and from London. She has made for them the life she wants for herself.

On a drunken Saturday night, Rachel travels to Blenheim Road to confront Tom and Anna one more time. The next morning she remembers nothing. Has no idea how she came to have a huge cut and bump on her head. And Jess/Meghan is missing.

Terrified that she may actually have seen something from that night and feeling that she “knows” Meghan, Rachel gets herself very well caught up in the investigation. A few lies here and there to cover her excessive drinking, and then a few more to cover the ones she has already told.

Soon she is so caught up in the investigation that she actually puts herself into danger to find out what happened to her and to Meghan that night.

And you will not believe what actually happened.

You will not believe it. Except that you do. You knew the truth in your heart all along. Just as Rachel did.

And you will not believe it.

This book is a MUST for anyone who likes psychological thrillers and mysteries.

An absolute MUST if you liked Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

An absolute MUST if you like to read.

An absolute MUST if you don’t like to read. For this will make you love reading. 

I can only hope and pray that Paula Hawkins is working on another novel and that it is released soon. Very soon!

The audiobook version of The girl on the train is performed by Clare Corbett as Rachel, Louise Brealey as Meghan, and India Fisher as Anna. These three actors are perfect choices for these characters.

While Clare Corbett is a sensitive voice for Rachel, India Fisher comes across as angry and domineering, which is exactly what I expected from Anna. She was spot-on!

Louise Brealey lends a breathless air to Meghan and at times has quite a Keira Knightly sound to her voice, which I found extremely pleasing. I fell in love with Meghan through the voice of Brealey.

All in all, they are exactly as I would imagine these women to speak. I highly recommend the audio version to go along with your reading experience.

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