Manners Anyone? A Propensity to Discuss Post

Manners, anyone?

I am sitting on a bed in a hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. I have come here to visit with my daughter who is in college at Boyce College, The College at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

I am amazed. We have had a wonderful day. So much fun and I will post more about that later. But right now, I am amazed.

We have stayed at this hotel three times. This time, however, the hotel is very busy. And LOUD. There are quite a few guests here. The amazing part? There are about 20 of these guests who are keeping the rest of us awake. Go figure.

Manners Anyone? A Propensity to Discuss Post

Manners Anyone? A Propensity to Discuss Post

Several of them are on the second floor balcony yelling across the hotel courtyard at several others. They are throwing cans at each other.

They are running down the balcony banging on doors. This is a fun night.

Call the front desk, you say. I did! I was told that it would be taken care of “right away.” That was 20 minutes ago.

Let me also add that this went on last night until almost 3:00 AM. We were assured it would not be a problem again. Right.

These are not teenagers. These are people in their late 230s and early 30s, it appears.

I have to wonder if they have ever stayed in a hotel before. I have my doubts. I am not sure they have ever been outside of their own yards before.

At what point do people, inebriated or not, begin to think that no one else matters?

I believe the statement “Your right to swing your fist ends where another person’s nose begins.” That goes for all of life. Just because you want to run amuck doesn’t mean that everyone else should have to be subjected to your rowdy behavior.

Get over yourself. Other people should not have to put up with your obnoxious actions.

For those irritating noisy  party people outside of our hotel room: “Be polite. Even if it means you have to take your party inside. Heck, it may keep you safe and well. After all, it is 18 degrees out there tonight.  You may not feel it in your inebriated state, but trust me, it is cold!”


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