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Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight

Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight is a truly heart-wrenching story of love and loss and on so many levels.

It is the love of a mother for her daughter. It is the loss of that daughter.

It is the love of a daughter for her mother. And the loss of a relationship.

It is the love of a teenager. And the heartbreak of loss.

It is the love of being in love. And loss. Pure, unadulterated loss.

It is the love of a girl. And the loss of independence.

It is the misguided love of a woman. And the loss of sensibility.

It is the love of a tortured soul. And the loss of what never will be.

When Kate Barron is called to her daughter’s school, Grace Hall, she is certain of one thing. There is some sort of mix up. Her daughter would not do anything to get suspended. The Dean of Students had the wrong girl. Not Kate’s daughter. Not the daughter she knows.

The truth is, the daughter she knew, never did anything to get into trouble. But the daughter she knew slowly began to lose herself at the start of the new school year. Over the past two months, the daughter she knew no longer really existed.

When Kate reaches the school, it is too late to defend her daughter’s honor. It is too late for everything. Amelia Barron is dead. Her death is ruled a suicide. Kate never truly accepts that ruling; she knew her daughter too well. Or did she? She is questioning that now. So when she receives a text that puts everything into question, Kate knows she must find the truth.

What she finds out rocks her to her core. On many levels and at pretty much every turn. She knew her daughter so well. Until two months ago, that is. It is only after she reconstruct’s Amelia’s last weeks that she will really know what happened to Amelia. And whether or not anyone else is to blame.

Told from Kate’s present and past perspectives and Amelia’s perspective, the last two months of Amelia’s life are slowly, painfully pieced together. The results will shock and scare you. They will make you angry and happy. They will make you fall in love. In love with Amelia. In love with Kate. You will love them to the core and you will suffer the loss of Amelia in a way that you probably didn’t realize you could suffer the loss of a literary character.

McCreight does a phenomenal job of bringing you slowly into Amelia’s and Kate’s stories and then planting you firmly in the middle of their lives so that you feel what they feel. You will know these two so well at the end of the book that you will truly miss them when you turn the final page.

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4 Stars. A Propensity to Discuss Review.

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