A Propensity to Discuss post

Why, yes. I am.

The other day in class (library science) one of my students was researching different types of laptops and tablets. When he exclaimed “That is so cool.” My interest was definitely piqued. As I was walking over, another of my students said. “Don’t bother, it’s nothing really. He’s just a nerd.” Hmm. I looked her way and said “Is that a problem? I’m a nerd.” After an admonishment for name-calling, I let her know that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being a nerd.

A Propensity to Discuss post

Why, yes. I am a nerd.

So, on that note, why, yes. I am a nerd.

Not in the actual, traditional definition of the term. But in today’s idea of what a nerd is. A person who likes to read, likes to learn, gets a kick out of technology. You know what I mean. You’ve thought it about someone before.

So in this sense, I am a nerd.

I love to read. I love to talk about books. I love to learn new things. I love to talk about things I have learned. I love to teach people new things, and I love to see the proverbial light come on in their minds when they “get it.”

I like technology. I like knowing that something works for me even though I do not have a clue how it make work. I like the fact that if I want to find out how it works, I can do just that.

I think I am the Hermione Granger/Emma Watson type of nerd. You know, one that is likeable and relatable. One that other people like. I like to think of myself in that way.

There are times, however, that I am a super-nerd. Want to know what makes me a super-nerd?

I LOVE to do research. Yep. I do. Super-nerd status. Digging through piles information and looking for the right facts and data that support or disclaim a thesis. Awesome. I am a terrible test-taker. I get very worked up over tests, but give me a topic to research and I can turn out a research paper as long as you want it. My longest paper? That one came in at a whopping 72 pages. Not kidding. It was for my undergrad degree and was in Family Dynamics and Counseling. My absolute favorite undergrad course. My professor was Dr. Phil meets Mark Twain. Very laid back, very easy-going. Very tell-you-like-it-is, to the point, no question about where he stood.

A Propensity to Discuss post

Several teachers in my school have come to me for help on their papers as they work toward Master’s degrees. I love helping with those. I feel such a sense of accomplishment when the paper is finished and turned in, knowing that I was able to help out in some small way.

So if being excited about the way a webpage works makes one of my students a nerd, the fact that I was completely impressed with the page certainly may add to that fact.

But it does not, in any way, make that a negative thing.

Yes. I am a nerd. And proud of it.




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