Loving Food and Losing Weight A Propensity to Discuss post.

Loving food and losing weight

A dilemma: I love food. That love of food means extra weight.

Another dilemma: I hate to exercise.

I have never in my life understood how anyone could possibly like anchovies. However, if I went on a diet and the only thing banned for me on that diet was anchovies, I would crave them morning, noon, and night. Forbidden fruit fish, I believe is what that is called.

With very few exceptions, I love food. Salty, sweet, sour, tangy. YUM! As I type this I am making myself hungry.

Loving Food and Losing Weight A Propensity to Discuss post.


 I have fought weight issues all of my life. I do not have a bad self-image, I just always new I was heavier than I should be to be healthy. And exercise is quite tricky for me because there are very few things that do not aggravate my syringomyelia. (For more on that, see my post Syringo my what?!?


So why are people now asking me for dieting advice? Daily. Two or three times a day? Because from Thanksgiving of 2013 until March of 2014 I lost 34 pounds. That is 4 months of weight loss. And I have not gained any of it back.

Loving Food and Losing Weight A Propensity to Discuss post.

Loving Food and Losing Weight

Remember how I said I love food? Still do. I did not remove one single, solitary item from what I have always eaten. Nothing. I did not stop eating cheese. Or chocolate. Or pizza. Or hamburgers and fries.

I did not start baking my hamburger and fries. I did not start eating ground turkey burgers or veggie burgers. Nope. None of that.

What did I do, you ask?

I have to say that it is a somewhat rude meal plan. NO, I did not do that! Here is how it went down:

I don’t eat anything until around 10:30 am, even when I get up at 5:50 am to go to work. That takes a little getting used to. I do drink either a cup of coffee (with sugar and Coffee-Mate creamers) or a Mt Dew in the morning. Yep, the real one, not the one with the artificial sweetener.

Then I started pushing my self to eat lunch much later. I would do this by grabbing a banana or a handful of almonds or carrots and ranch dip. I actually like the Lite Ranch better than the regular, so I did go with that. Later in the day, I would eat an apple or some grapes or some more almonds.

Here is the trick for these snacks. I do not carry the entire snack with me. I put it in another area, and only have one bite. Then I walk away. I would do something that needed to be done, no matter how short or long the task, and then go back and have another bite. This gives your tummy time to talk to your brain and you will eat less, but feel more satisfied.

For the dinner (in the south we call it supper), I began by putting the usual amount on my plate. I would eat half of what was there. (Here’s the rude part.) Then I would walk away. Notice I did not say stand and walk away. I made a habit of eating while standing at the island in the kitchen. It was still a social situation for the family, I was only a couple of steps away from them.

Once I ate half of what was on my plate, I would walk away from my plate for at least 10 minutes. Maybe finish the dishes from the meal, maybe go fold a load of laundry. Maybe take the fur babies out for a walk. Just walk away. After 10 minutes I would come back to my plate.

At this point, I would eat about half of what was left, if I was still truly hungry. Most of the time, I was not, so my meal would be finished.

Loving Food and Losing Weight A Propensity to Discuss post.

Loving Food and Losing Weight

That’s it. That’s all. No complicated meal planning. No special foods. Just smaller amounts of all the things I love. Including that chocolate chip cookie dough that is always in my fridge. (A note here: It is UNSAFE to eat raw cookie dough. It says so right there on the label.) Much smaller portions!

I now eat about 1/3 of what I used to eat when my weight was steadily increasing. I am very rarely hungry. But if I am, I first get a drink of something. A full 8-12 ounces. About 15 minutes after I am finished with that drink, if I am still hungry, I go and get a small snack. Some days I may eat small handfuls of food 10 times a day, but I am still only eating about 1/3 of the amount that I did before.

I weigh myself every day. Every day. That way, if I need to really watch what I eat for a couple of days, I do that. Just eat somewhat smaller portions. Eat healthier. You cannot have cookie dough for all your snacks. I generally have that about once every 5 or 6 days. I love fruits and raw veggies in ranch, so those are most of my snacks of choice. The fruit gives me sugar and the veggies give me the crunch I need.

Loving Food and Losing Weight A Propensity to Discuss post.

Loving Food and Losing Weight

The only other thing I do is that I take 100 mg of Raspberry Ketones every morning and every night. They help me with my appetite.  I added this at the end for a reason. The weight loss is from portion control, these just help me keep on track and not feel as though I am starving all the time. This is NOT a miracle drug that causes you to lose weight. There is no such thing. This is just to help with appetite. It works for me, but may not work for all.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a weight loss guru, ninja, therapist. I am not saying this works for everyone, only that it works for me. Nor am I saying that everyone should lose weight. I feel better at the weight that I am now. I did this for me, not for anyone else. Do not ever believe that you are less than wonderful because of how much you weigh!

Loving Food and Losing Weight A Propensity to Discuss post.

Loving Food and Losing Weight

I order my raspberry ketones and all other vitamin supplements from VitaCost.


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