Laundry for two (or empty-nesting) A Propensity to Discuss post.

Laundry for two (or empty-nesting)

Doing laundry for two people takes a lot less time and energy than doing laundry for five. Of course I know you know that, or at least you would assume so. However, I am just getting used to laundry for two. Empty nesting, if that is what you want me to call it. That is what hubby and I are now. Empty nesters.

This past week we took our baby girl to college. The baby. The only girl. The last one. Yikes! Sure, she has only been home for about 3 weeks this summer. Sure she has always been an on-the-go kind of girl. But leaving her at college was a completely new feeling.

Hubby and I have 3 wonderful kids.Our oldest son, “J” is 25 and teaches special education and like his dad, coaches football. He is married to a wonderful woman, “K.” who teaches Pre-K.Both are Georgia Southern University graduates. “G” is 21 and is a senior at UGA  (Go DAWGS!) and is majoring in forestry and now “P” has headed of to Boyce College at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, majoring in global studies.

Wow. Who knew? When they were little I was pretty sure that I would be changing diapers and watching flag football forever.

I thought I would never have time to myself again.

Once when we were on vacation with my in-laws, there was a really cute baby and my father-in-law suggested to my then 5 year old “Don’t you think we should take him home with us, P?” Her quick response was “Papa, don’t you know those things grow up?”

She was right! Those things grow up. Fast!

On the trip to take her to school she wanted me to tell her one story for each year of her life. Let me tell you, without any visual aids such as pictures from each year, that was tough! Don’t believe me? Try it right now! For me, that means 3 kids, ages 26, 21, and 18 which means 65 years of my memory to search!

Laundry for two (or empty-nesting) A Propensity to Discuss post.

Random family moments

I did it though, and it was really funny the little things that I remembered about each one of them (they were always close, so there was no way to do one without the other two) and even funnier to relive those memories through her memory of the same events. Also, I had to fess up on a few things. Like how I got around promises of “do not tell my teachers about this.” I did promise, and I did keep my promise. I did not tell the teachers, I told an AP who told the teachers. I got a huge eye-roll for that one.

It was also very funny to hear her tell tales of what all she and her brothers did and never got caught. Now I know about the disappearing yogurt!

So while I head back to very quickly fold the clothes coming out of the dryer, I go back to that empty-nesting idea. Am I sad all of my little chickens have flown the coup? Nope, not at all. I accomplished a parent’s task. I gave them roots and I gave them wings. I am just happy that they are doing what they believe they were called to do and enjoying it.

They are happy. I am happy. Their dad is happy. And we are thankful for the piles of laundry that seemed to never end.


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