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A – Z Books for Adults

The books for this post are books that I truly like that were written for adult audiences. Yes, however, I do think it is perfectly OK for YAs to read these books. You can probably tell by now, though, that I am not much for paying attention to the “intended audience” part of a book. I say, if you want to read it, have at it.

A – Agenda 21 by Glen Beck – Dystopian novel, and a rather thought-provoking one, at that. Make sure you read the prologue.

B – The Bourne Identity (Series) By Robert Ludlum – You have probably seen the movies. Trust me, I say this often, but really trust me on this one: The books are SO. MUCH. BETTER!

C – Cleopatra’s Daughter by Michelle Moran

D – Discovery of Witches (Trilogy) by Deborah Harkness – An absolutely amazing series! Trust me, you want to read this! But be prepared, you will not want to stop reading even to sleep!

E – Evil at Heart (Gretchen Lowell #3) by Chelsea Cain – This is one evil serial killer! I am a little worried about Ms. Cain’s mind! It must have some really dark recesses in there!

F – First Family (Sean King & Michelle Maxwell, #4) by David Baldacci – If you haven’t read David Baldacci, you haven’t read thriller mystery! Great book, great series, phenomenal author!

G – Grown Up Kind of Pretty by Joshilyn Jackson – I feel blessed to have read this book. I just love it. Had the absolute pleasure of having Ms. Jackson speak at my library (West Forsyth High School, Cumming, GA) a few years back and even the most cynical of boys got down-right interested in everything she had to say. Her books draw you in the same way!

H – The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood – This book falls into so many categories for me. Dystopian, feminism, futuristic, and just plain awesome! If you haven’t read it, pick it up soon!

I – I Heard That Song Before by Mary Higgins Clark – I have to say that I am a fan of MHC. I like the ease of which her stories are written. If you like mystery and suspense without a lot of gore, these are the stories for you.

J – The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan – The beautifully written stories/histories/lives of four families, four mothers, four daughters from four perspectives as they weave the tales of their pasts, presents and futures and how the past will always shape our being and our futures.

K – The Kommandant’s Girl by Pam Jenoff – Historical fiction of what many would do to save their lives and the lives of those they loved and sometimes didn’t even know during the Holocaust.

L – The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly – Read the book, see the movie. Both are wonderful. Mr. Connelly was justly served by the movie makers, this is one of the most closely kept storylines of any book to movie I know! They are both wonderful, and I rarely say that about movies! Thank you for writing such a great book that the movie could not be changed!

M – Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden – From the rules of kimono, makeup, manners, rituals of being a Geisha to the hard facts that for these women love is taught to be an illusion and virginity is a money-making tool. A beautifully written book about Nitta Sayuri’s life after, at age nine, she is taken to serve as a Geisha.

N – Now You See Him by Stella Cameron – A bone-chilling murder suspense novel as only Cameron can write them. Her books will have you checking all the doors twice before you turn in for the night!

O – Out of the Easy by Rutya Sepetys – Oh. My. Goodness! One of the best books I have ever read! Ranks VERY high on my list of favorites. You must read this!!

P – Plum Island by Nelson DeMille – This man can weave a story like very few others. Always full of intrigue, suspense and a whole lot of humor, you cannot help but quickly learn to want his characters as personal friends. Throw in some murder and mayhem, and you have yourself one good read!

Q – Quicksand (Eve Duncan series #8) by Iris Johansen – Eve Duncan is a forensic sculptor who works with the police to solve cases.  A seriously good series that takes you through the twists and trials of murder cases and Eve’s life.

R – Room by Emma Donoghue – Amazing. Kidnapped, Held hostage. Raped repeatedly. Then out of the horror: a baby who becomes a little boy that you fall in love with in this story as he and his mother live in one little room terrified of the man.

S – Sarah’s Key by Tatiana De Rosnay – Such a beautiful book and what artistic writing. This book brings you into the world of a young girl who hides her brother from the Nazis and later returns to search for him, as well as the modern-day story of the family who is now renovating the apartment. Beautiful!

T – To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. My absolute favorite book! I know, you read this in junior high/middle school and have no idea why I included it in an adult book list. The reason is, if you haven’t read it as an adult, you missed so much of it! It truly is an amazing book, so even if you read it when you were a teen, read it again. You’ll love it.

U – Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers by the Bathroom Reader’s Institute- Come on, it isn’t called the reading room for nothing! If you like a whole lotta good clean humor and trivia, these are the books for you. Ad there is no law that says they have to stay in the “throne room.”

V – Violets are Blue (Alex Cross series # 7) by James Patterson – Everyone reads James Patterson. Everyone! I love the Alex Cross series!

W – The Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright – You will never read another book that will turn your insides to mush the way this one will. There are some twists and turns that you will never see coming your way.  Wonderful book!

X – The Xibalba Murders (Lara McClintoch Archeological series #1) by Lyn Hamilton – When Lara heads to Mexico to help out a friend, the friend disappears and sis witness to events that garner her some police attention until she begins to help them with their case.

Y – You Can’t Read This Book by Nick Cohen – So you think that with the collapse of the Cold War and other such events the world became a place of free thinkers? Think again. Censorship is everywhere and as a high school librarian/media specialist, it worries me that some people would rather censor everyone’s access to certain titles rather than to teach their children (and themselves) to self-censor.

Z – Zero Day (John Puller series # by David Baldacci – Heart pounding, attention-grabbing. John Puller is a criminal military investigator. His father was one of the most decorated and respected commanders of his time and his brother is in a maximum security prison for treason. Puller will need the help of at least one of them to solve the case he is facing now.


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