Jelly, get in my belly a Propensity to discuss post.

Jelly, get in my belly!

OK. Time for a little truth about me. I do not like to cook. Everyone who knows me knows that hubby cooks all the time. He loves it. He decides what to cook, goes to the grocery store, and cooks all the meals. Except for football season. Hubby is a math teacher/football coach, so I lose my cook during football season. It. Is. Awful! Terrible! My poor kids. They had to eat the same meals over and over again during football season when they were young. Don’t worry, they were not undernourished!

It’s not that I don’t like to cook, really. Not true, I really don’t. But I HATE to decide what to cook for a meal. My hubby says I am a one-pot wonder. If I can throw a bunch of ingredients in to one pan or pot and cook it and serve it, then I’m good. That is so true. Having 4 or 5 things going at once and making sure they are all ready at the same time...I am NOT into that!

Making things, however, that is completely different. Give me a meal to prepare and I’m out. Let me make jelly, I am all over that!

So today hubby went to the school and got some work done and I took the fur babies (Lindsey and Tucker) to the vet. Really a mean thing. They love to go on adventures in the car and today that adventure ended with 3 shots each. Poor babies.

Anyway, after all of that, I actually went to the grocery store. Hubby doesn’t like company in the grocery…well, me, as company. He says it is worse than taking a toddler and he is always having to wonder where I have wandered off and has to go find me to see if I have found something we “must have” before he goes through check-out. Hey, a girl can wander and look around, can’t she? 🙂 No bother, I am not a fan of grocery shopping unless I am on a mission.

Today I was on a mission!

I bought all sorts of goodies to make jelly. LOVE IT! Love to make it. Love to eat it. Love it!

So, after cleaning the garage and dealing with the very nice satellite company guy who had to fix our little eye for the sky, we made jelly and jam! Yipee! Cannot tell you how much fun we had! I know, very weird that I hate to cook, but I love to make jelly.

We made blackberry jelly from the juice of berries picked at my in-laws home. My father-in-law has these wonderful thornless (I think maybe that is not a real word) blackberry bushes. If you’ve every tried to pick these on the side of the woods, you know that thorns are a big issue. It takes some getting used to, at first, for you to realize that there really are no thorns!

Then we made peach jam/jelly. Hubby used the food processor to thoroughly pummel the farmer’s market peaches into mush. Sounds gross, but he is not a marmalade kind of guy. Jam, with basically pureed fruit is is limit.

Last, there was strawberry lemon jam. Mmmmmm….I love strawberries. I love lemons. Ever had strawberry lemonade? So, why not jelly? I used the food processor, but didn’t puree the all of the berries, only about 1/3 of them. The rest I kind of cut down and squished. (That is a new technical food term, by the way.) These were straight from the grocery. We usually buy strawberries at the farmer’s market, but they don’t hang around long here!

Jelly, get in my belly a Propensity to discuss post.

Strawberry Lemon, Peach, Blackberry

Let me say that today was a resounding success! Fur babies are in good shape, garage looks wonderful, and the fruits of our kitchen labors are delicious! (Pun intended, sorry!)

Add to that spending an entire afternoon with the hubby and I had the “recipe” for a nearly perfect afternoon! (Had all my chickens been home, it would have been pure bliss!)

I am including the recipes we used, in case you are feeling inspired! Tomorrow I am actually making peasant bread (no kneading) to go with today’s yummy goodness. I’ll be thinking about you all as I slather on all three types of jelly, since I really cannot decide which one I like best. Hubby’s favorite is the peach!

Click this link for the Jelly Recipes blogged on Propensity to Discuss!



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