What am I going to read? A propensity to discuss post

What am I going to read next?

So, I love to read. I like getting away from reality and living in someone else’s world for a while. For me, reading is a comfort and an escape and way to relax and unwind. So I thought I’d give away some tips on how I go about finding books I want to read and for the patrons of my library. Granted, I will read pretty much anything, but I have learned in the last few years that if I don’t like a book, it is OK to stop reading it! (That took me years to master!) When that happens, here is a go-to list of sites to help me find books I will like!

I take reviews with a grain of salt, however. I don’t pay attention to the parts of a review that negate the subject or genre of a book. That, after all, is personal preference. I look at the writing ability of the author (if it is mentioned) and the flow of the book, and also the final recommendations. If a book has poor grammar and doesn’t flow well, I am not going to like it because I spend most of my reading time editing in my head!

ALA: American Library Association. (Side note: I am a librarian and the word library is almost impossible for me to type! I have to correct it every time! 🙂 )  If there is a genre for it, ALA has an award for it. The link above takes you to the ALA Book, Print, and Media Awards. There are 81 award categories. Don’t think I’ll list them, maybe you should head on over and check them out!

Amazon. *Yes, that one. By the way, this link is for Amazon Smile. That is the one I use. Everything is exactly the same, except that a portion of every purchase goes to the charity of your choice. Mine is the Worldwide Syringomyelia Task Force, Incorporated. Now, on to the meat. Amazon gives suggestions based on what you have picked before. Guess what, those things work! Also, there are reviews on there, many times there are reviews from School Library Journal, ALA, Kirkus and the like. Check these out! They help!

Capital Choices: Tagline: Noteworthy books for children and teens. This site has tons of book reviews in the following categories: Up to Seven; Seven to Ten; Ten to Fourteen; Fourteen and Up; Audiobooks  The reviews are from a group that meets at the Arlington County (Virginia) Central Library. There are even opportunities to join the group if you live in the area. Click here for that info.

Genrefluent: This site has been up and at it since 1996 and is authored by Diana Tixier Herald, winner of Novelist’s 2014 Margaret E. Monroe Award. Lots of very good recommendations here!

Pinterest: Awe…Come on, you knew I was going there. Type in Books or YA books or Adult literature or classic literature. You will find a plethora of titles and boards to follow! Here’s a link to my BOOK board. And a link to my Education-Reading Board. Interested in my Library Media Center board? (Yes, I had to correct that L word!) And finally my Library Marketing and Display Board. (Got it right that time! YES!)

YALSA: Young Adult Library Services Association This link is for the BBYA or Best Books for Young Adults reviews. I am a high school media specialist, so I read lots of YA books! And I have to say I really like them and I have no shame in admitting that! YALSA is a  division of the ALA or American Library Association. There is no limit to the genres here, but these are the best of the best in the library world! Outstanding Books for the College Bound is one of my favorite places!

I hope these help next time you are in a bind and really need something to read! I know this list is primarily geared to YA so you will have to come back soon for the grown-up version. In the meantime, no matter what your age, try out some YA! I think you’re going to like it.

What is your favorite go-to place for finding new books to read? 



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