Who the heck am I?

I am a wife, mother of 3, mother-in-law of 2, and grandmother of 2! I am a crafting, book-reading, techno-nerd, retired educator.


I could, very easily, become a hoarder. I love crafting and making things and I love reading. I could have bookshelves full of books and little quirky bits I’ve made. However, I have a slightly OCD side that likes things to look neat and orderly. Clearly a holdover from my neat-as-a-pin parents. Clutter. Messes. Craft projects. Printed craft ideas. Paper. Stuff. Everywhere. Then along came Pinterest. Just what I needed! I can now pin things to board after board. My OCD tendencies are very happy because everything has its own little happy place.

When I want to make something, I go to my craft board. Read, you say? Yes, I have boards for books. Work? I am a library lady, remember? I have a board for the library, for marketing in the library. Collaborate with teachers? Yes, librarians do that! So I have education boards…all content areas plus a little humor thrown in for good measure. You can’t make it in education without a well-rounded sense of humor!

Not into education, you say? Well, I am nothing if not well-rounded! Do you like jewelry? There’s a board for that! Art? Journaling? Doodling? Zentangle? Yep! Boards for that.

A little more convincing needed? How about decorating your home? Or building and decorating a dream home when you win the lottery? I keep hoping to win, but I don’t really play, so I doubt that will come to fruition. 😉 And a Board for moving your stuff once you get that house! OOH…Furniture. I have one of those Boards! Re-purposing items? Check! Organizing? Check! Plants and gardens? Check! Swimming pools? Check!

There are also boards for nostalgia (I’m a 60’s baby, 70’s child, and 80’s teen = lots of nostalgia!), my favorite state: Georgia! (I’m a peach.), history, photography, mosaics, parties, holidays, owls (HOO doesn’t love those?), sewing, food, and syringomyelia. (That’s a post for another day.)

There are quite a few boards about miniatures. I have a small obsession. Pun intended.

Perhaps I should start a Board for ADD? My Pinterest account may look a little like I need some attention in that area. That will have to be a post for another day also. I think most educators have a touch of ADD in them.

Anyway, please stop by and check out a board or two. Or twelve…fifty…Oh, heck, just check out all 103 of them. Although soon there will 105. I don’t really like numbers that don’t end in 0 or 5. I’m strange that way. Just makes me a little uncomfortable.


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