The Hunger Games and Catching Fire

I have to say it….Have to discuss it….THE HUNGER GAMES and CATCHING FIRE!! Awesome…Unbelievable… Phenomenal….Ok, so maybe I get a little carried away, but Suzanne Collins has written such a powerful and moving story here, that the praise of these two titles should be loud and clear.

In what is described as the “ruins of North America” the capital needs to continually assert its power over the people in order to squelch any and all uprising. One aspect of this takes place in the capital city each year, televised for the entire nation to view. The Hunger Games. The object is to live and to live, others must die. The last one alive is the winner, returning home with a year’s worth of bounty and glory for their district…at least until the next year’s games.

The only negative? The third installment won’t be out until August of 2010.
The Hunger Games video from can be accessed from


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